Frequently Asked Questions

Does NOS Reproductions have a store I can visit?
NOS Reproductions operates primarily through phone and online methods from their office in Grand Bend, Ontario.  Orders are typically shipped, except when special arrangements are made that suit both NOS and the consumer. 

Do you accept credit cards?
We accept Visa, Mastercard and AMEX on this secure website, and through phone orders.

I don't have a credit card, how else can I place an order?

If ordering by phone, our sales staff will gladly tally your order including freight and applicable taxes.  You are then welcome to prepay for your order with a money order or e-transfer, which are processed immediately upon receipt.  Store bought prepaid credit cards can also be an option for both online and phone orders.

Will I have to pay extra fees when my parts are delivered?
No.  If you are in Canada, we are also shipping from Canada.  Unlike shipments from ouside the country, the couriers delivering your parts will not be looking to collect Brokerage Fees, Disbursement Fees, Duties or Taxes when delivering your order.  All those fees are already paid by us and are included within our quoted prices, so no surprises for you.

How do I know I'm ordering the right part?
We also want you to get the right part.  If you have any concerns about any of our products from the terminology used in our descriptions, the colours available, or the application to which they are intended, then simply contact us via e-mail or phone us during business hours (1-800-667-6200) 

I'm not sure about the colour I want, how do I make sure?
Again, we want the colour to be right!  Simply request a colour sample, and we can usually mail it the same day.  We will need to know the vehicle, the product and the basic colour.  Be sure to include all your contact information so that the request can be handled as quickly as possible.

Is there any warranty on your parts?
Yes, though specific warranties will vary.  Warranties are limited to that of the manufacturer except when implied otherwise by NOS Reproductions.  All products are intended to be installed by a professional and will often not come with installation instructions.  Problems due to installation errors are usually much more difficult to resolve, so please contact us before cutting, trimming or altering any product.  Labour costs are not covered as part of any warranty fulfillment. 

Inspect Inspect Inspect!  PRIOR to Modification of any type.

Does NOS Reproductions have a catalogue?
No.  We hope this site will provide you access to many of the products we offer and their details.  We will be adding more products regularly, but If you don't see something you need then simply contact us and we will be happy to personalize a quote for your specific car or truck.

What do you mean by "Inspect Your Order"? 
We want all orders to be filled accurately and quickly, however from time to time errors can occur.  We always ask that you inspect all products for accuracy and flaws prior to installation.  This should be done upon receipt of your new product and prior to discarding your original part.  This will enable us to solve the problem while you can still drive your car!  Once a product is installed, cut, trimmed or altered in any way, then errors that should have been caught prior become very difficult and often impossible to resolve.

Do you offer Gift Certificates?
Yes, we do.  We know that sometimes our customers are not the easiest to buy for.  We take the guess work out of shopping by offering Gift Certificates in various amounts, to suit your budget.  Available as an Electronic Coupon as well for easy online shopping.

Do you have dealers/distributors in my area?
NOS Reproductions has relationships with many automotive related companies throughout the country.  While we are happy to refer you to one of these companies in your area, we cannot guarantee their pricing habits of our products or the quality of workmanship of their installations.

How do I become a dealer for NOS Reproductions?
NOS Reproductions does indeed sell to other automotive related businesses.  The availability of discounts is determined by the volume of purchases.  A dealer application will be provided upon request to our sales desk (1-800-667-6200), only during our regular business hours.