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This Internet Website with the homepage www.nosreproductions.com is provided by NOS Reproductions at no charge to its users, with the express condition that users adhere to the Conditions of Use listed below.  If you do not agree to the conditions set out below, then please logout of this website.

1)  You are responsible for the accuracy and completeness of your personal information.  You are expected to update your account information as required.  NOS Reproductions will not be held responsible for errors to personal information given and the expenses incurred to correct such errors in the handling of orders.  This includes additional fees incurred for re-shipping orders, among other possible fees.

2)  You acknowledge the information contained within this site is "as is".  While NOS Reproductions makes every attempt to ensure the accuracy of information given within this website, it cannot guarantee that all information is correct at all times.  This can include completeness and accuracy of descriptions, pricing, photos, diagrams, availability of product and other details listed within this site.

3)  You will accept the Privacy Policy of NOS Reproductions, as listed within this website.

4)  You will accept that NOS Reproductions cannot be held responsible for the contents of Third Party websites to which it may be linked or to which may be linked to it.  This includes any information you may gather which may be opinion based (from forums or news related sites), or information (including pictures) which may be offensive, obscene, or deemed defamatory in any way to its users.

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8)  All other Trademarks including those of our suppliers, manufacturers, vehicle makes, vehicle models, etc are used with respect to their owners.  They are used solely for reference purposes, and are not intended to imply associations other than that.

9)  This website is owned by NOS Reproductions, based in Grand Bend, Ontario, Canada.  This website can be accessed by all  Canadian provinces and territories as well as Countries from around the world.  Those who choose to access the Website from other locations (other than Ontario, Canada) do so on their initiative and as such are responsible for compliance with their local laws.

10)  NOS Reproductions reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions of Use at any time without notice.


Any and all concerns with these terms should be sent in writing to;

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